How to Dominate Any Real Estate Market Using the Power of TV Combined With Outrageous Direct Marketing for Motivated Sellers
No matter your business size, you can now dominate your market
Listen to What Clients Have to Say About How This Powerful Program Will Put More Money in Your Pocket...
Access to Proven TV Commercials and a Personal Media Buyers to Show You the Most Profitable Channels to Run Your Commercials On

Pre-Foreclosure Leads

Probate Leads

"Subject to" and Lease Option

Targeted Demographic

DISCLAIMER - NOT A FRANCHISE: The Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® marketing program is not a franchise. It is OFFERED as an exclusive license to use the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® branding and marketing program within a defined territory. We don’t participate in deal splits with licensees, we don’t charge royalty fees and we don’t have any minimum marketing requirements. We do not train our clients in business; the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® program is designed for use by active and established real estate investors. Our licensees may choose any vendor(s) to print and deploy their marketing materials. Furthermore, licensees are not required to market their business under the Lucky Buys Yucky Houses® brand.

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